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How to Make your feet look Pretty!

“Tinklingtoes have a new address in the city. It’s time to make your feet look Pretty!”


TINKLINGTOES is an exquisite destination for designer Juttis. TinklingToes designs are quintessential for its craftsmanship and quality. The Label brings in handcrafted fine leather juttis that speak the charm of a true old-school artisan with the design sensibilities of a modern, luxury shoe brand. An extreme penchant for Juttis since childhood and a love for the handicraft , Sakshi Handa launched TINKLINGTOES in June 2017. Her brand is a pioneer in designing unique,  juttis by amalgamating the finesse of old royal moulds with innovative design and embroidery patterns. Many Instagram celebrities have indulged in flaunting TINKLINGTOES designs which are not only luxurious and stylish but also extremely comfortable!

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