Our Story

From thoughts tinkling into the chambers of our brain to our craft now tinkling your toes.

Juttis are originally from the land of ceaseless “Bhangra” and “Butter-chicken,” (you are thinking right if you are in-fact thinking!!) Punjab, but the way Juttis are crafted has evolved over the centuries. What we’ve done to your beloved Juttis is we’ve added a little magic to them and now they are more than just your “once a year” wedding party essential, they are now in-fact your Go-To.

“Tinkling Toes” is a world of boundless imaginations and incessant creativity, festooned with dainty laces, colourful threads, drool-worthy sequins and pearls together forming the Uhwooh so comfortable pairs of dreamlike Juttis.

A team of three wonder women, a mother along with her two daughters once decided to take their knack for creativity and innovation stacked with sheer goodness and ethics up by a notch and then there was no turning back. Constantly making a difference one beautiful pair at a time, intertwining their love for shoes with long-lasting comfort, the Mother-Daughters trio has been able to carve out a special place in the hearts of major Jutti lovers.

The idea is to only create the kind of pieces that don’t just remain lying on your racks waiting to be worn only during special occasions thereby bridging the gap between the two main extremes, that is, too ethnic and too laid-back and ordinary.

Meet the Team

Mommie Handa

Imagine being an infant bird and being thrown out of a nest right after a few hours of birth. Being deprived of food, warm snuggles and that feeling of security for life. You can’t imagine, can you? Our moms right from holding us into their arms till we get old, remain by our sides and there’s nothing in this world that can replace the love of our moms have for us.  

Renu Handa has been through severe hardships in life but that never made her give up on her hopes and dreams. She not only nurtured her girls with good values, ethics and the need to stand up on their own feet but also taught them to set out a platform for the less privileged ones so they can lead comfortable lives sans financial strains. That’s exactly what she did right when Tinkling Toes kicked-off.

The brand wouldn’t have sustained if it wasn’t for her teachings and valuable recommendations. She is undeniably the backbone of Tinkling Toes and has always taken the well-being of those working for her into careful consideration even before she did for herself.

Sakshi Handa

Honouring the name of Tinkling Toes since forever is our beloved Sakshi, who with her finely tuned creative instincts can conquer anything under the sun.

This girl, without a doubt, is the Mary Poppins of #EPS creators.

 If not conceptualizing or doodling ceaselessly, she can be found guilt-freely binging at a nearby cakery satisfying her sweet tooth.

 This lady is always on her toes and is our ultimate problem solver. During times of excruciating seasons, when we are under harrowing stress and more often than not find ourselves in a puddle, she comes right at our rescue and saves the day with her strikingly resourceful ideas and mindful execution.


Varinda Handa

Every Graphic Designer/Illustration artist has a somewhat twisted sense of humor, this one who we lovingly call Pidi AKA Varinda Handa is the Queen of our creative community. Constant creative breakthroughs and overflow of wonderful ideas in her imaginary world? sure, but it’s next to impossible to get her to be a part of the reality. 

She is like a bona fide institution of cheer and can be seen trying to catch a breath while running between ideas and their execution. Ideas, planning, implementation to the final product, she’s a part of it all and will make sure that you only fall in love over and over again with your lovingly bought juttis and never fall out of it.

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