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Tips to Care For Your Juttis


We all cherish the pretty and cute juttis we saved up so much for. While buying these handcrafted masterpieces, we must also know how to care for them. Here are some tips and tricks to take care of your beauties!


Muslin cloth is your Jutii’s best friend. Wrap each Jutti in muslin – the fabric is breathable and is extremely soft which will ensure your embellishments stay intact.

Shoe Bites

We all know the horror a new pair of shoes brings: Shoe bites! Worry not, an easy solution for a new pair of juttis is to coat the lining with mustard oil. Mustard oil tends to make the leather softer so that you can be comfortable and give it time to adjust to your feet.

Prevent from Wearing Out

The main reason why leather wears out is excessive moisture. We know we can’t do that if we have to wear them for long hours, but when you get home, leave them out in open air or under the sun and then store them safely. That way they have time to dry and can be prevented from wearing out.


The trickiest and scariest moment for your babies: cleaning them! Since they are made out of leather, we can not wash them rigorously. We need to gently wipe them with a dust cloth or at most brush them with a highly diluted soap solution. This way your Juttis will stay safe and beautiful.

You can use these tips to cherish and store your Juttis safely. After all, they are a symbol of our heritage and they should be taken care of. Happy Juttis to you!

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